Looking at the pictures collected by Kini “Joaquin Garcia” I have to admit that I don‘t remember our first meeting 2005 at Jerez. The Kawasaki days weren‘t always fun and a closer look to our first pic together tells me that I did not have a fantastic day on track…

My memories really start after the Catalan GP of 2006. When a nice couple stopped by at the Motorhome and asked if they could get a knee slider from my driving suit after the race. A first little chat that stays in mind although you meet thousands of people in paddocks every year.

Back in 2007 when I was still riding for the Pramac Ducati Team the season kicked of at Jerez with the official IRTA Tests and a shot out for the BMW M car on Sunday. Leaving the pits for the first time I noticed a group of Fans cheering and holding up a black banner up with my number on it. The next lap I had to check again as I wasn‘t convinced they would be cheering for me and it was the first time I saw my first and last official Spanish Fan Club. Kini gave me a T Shirt of the Club that day while all the Moto GP riders had to line up for the official 2007 riders picture. I still own it of course as it was the start of a great friendship that Moto GP delivered to my life.

“The pirates of the Hoff # 66” also came to see my home GP that year and every time the TV feed was looking for a banner they showed my Spanish Fanclub on German soil. I still feel sorry that the exact same year my Moto GP career came to an end. They deserved me to race longer for them but that is the life of racing.

From that year on I was in contact with Kini and he visited me almost every time I was testing the Aprilia RSV 4 Superbike at Jerez de la Frontera or Portimao in Portugal. A real friendship started and these long days of testing and chats throughout the days, together we came up with more and more ideas around the world of Moto GP and more. As Kini always worked in the world of Drink & Dining one day we came up with the crazy idea to join forces in a project where the world of motorcycles and the world of a nice place to hang out and eat and drink with style were the essentials.

For quite some years the idea popped up again when we met at the race tracks but also disappeared fast once we came home to our normal lives with family and work. For whatever reason at the last round of Moto GP 2016 at Valencia something clicked or we might just have been a bit too drunk, but during that race weekend we both decided to join forces and the hashtag #2friends1dream was born.

This hashtag also should show that this dream only can become true when two friends join their forces together.

Once he arrived home Kini was scanning the whole city of Seville to find a nice place and it took of course a while till he ran into a former restaurant on Calle Betis 52 right next to the Guadalquivir river. I took a flight to Seville early February 2016 to get an idea of what he had found and also to spend some time in the beautiful city of Seville. Kini showed me in an intense marathon program all over his town and one of the nights talking and brainstorming we also finished the logo for the name we had chosen. A couple of signatures later and our idea was becoming reality.

With a lot of energy and crazy ideas we started this project and the initial plan to get ready for the Spanish GP at the End of April 2017 did not work out 100%! The word “mañana“ in Spanish has a very different meaning than tomorrow. Nevertheless, by end of May 2016 the doors opened and the Dream was finally alive.

With the Garage Moto Cafe we wanted to create a place for all bikers around Andalusia, first of course, but our aim was to come up with a brilliant kitchen, bar and Cafe concept where even the people who don‘t ride bikes feel at home. The design is of course Bike Garage style but we are mainly proud of the details we already have and will be getting more every month. The inside design features the original Shoei helmet and Alpinestars suit of Marc Marquez dedicated to this unique place. If you open the front doors to enter you will hold original WP Moto 3 forks in your hand and over the bar we have a full Moto GP Akrapovic Titanium exhaust hanging right next to original KTM RC 16 Carbon fairings.

Alex Hofmann & Kini

Our customers can buy the pictures off the wall if they like, as we cooperate with photographers from the World Championship and we never want the design to be boring. Display bikes and, soon to be opened, a little lifestyle/fashion/parts store are unique in a restaurant.

On any given race Sunday the Garage Moto Cafe shows all the Moto GP races and the passion of the fans creates a very special atmosphere inside.

The #2friends1dream “Garage Moto Cafe“ in one sentence right now.

Brilliant food and drinks in a very unique place full of passion for motorcycles.

And we are just getting started as the list of ideas for the future is very long!

– Alex Hofmann